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Mr. Classy himself, anchorman Ron Burgundy joins Yahoo with a special assignment reporting on Yahoo’s Top 10 Lists of 2013. Each year after combing through 52 weeks’ worth of data from Internet searches, Yahoo generates these lists, which reflect the people and trends we searched most often. Burgundy, alongside Brian Fantana and Champ Kind, provide highlights from this year’s lists and even weigh in with a few key insights including what not to eat before attempting to twerk.

Stay classy, Year In Review.


Former Times pop music critic Robert Hilburn on Lou Reed, who died today at 71:

"He was one of the boldest and most liberated rock ‘n’ roll songwriters ever. There was a real literary edge to his work. He took on subjects that were off-limits at the time. He talked about heroin and illicit sex at a time when the music industry didn’t want to hear it — critics loved him, but it took him years and years to find an audience."

Here’s Hilburn’s 1992 interview with Reed.

Times file photo: Lou Reed at the Wiltern Theatre in 1996.

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